Cora Collette Breuner, a pediatrics researcher at Seattle Children's Hospital and the University of Washington who wasn't involved in the study.

At every visit, Breuner asks her young patients and their parents what they want to get out of the visit and what they expect to happen.

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I do care and I do worry about things like she does, I just don't show it the same way.

She has said to me several times now that she wished she had taken more time when she met me to get to know me more before getting married.

We have gotten into disputes about every other day where it always comes down to her saying she resents me for being so ‘distant’ and ‘selfish’.

She always says it seems like I just don't care about things like she does.

"If we providers ask this every time the patients will be more ready to work with us to improve their health and stay more engaged in both preventative health care and more meaningful health care utilization," Breuner said by email.

"This study points out we need to work on this." Teens may not be able to legally consent to treatment or sign medical documents, but parents can still start gradually giving them more responsibilities, said Dr.Researchers examined a critical juncture in adolescent medicine - the transition from being a pediatric patient and getting a lot of guidance from parents to becoming an adult who makes independent medical decisions.The study of 494 older adolescent and young adult patients found that having chronic medical conditions was associated with greater readiness for this transition, more self-involvement in completing health-related tasks and less input from parents.She says it’s not because she wishes she wasn't with me, it’s because she could have made a more informed choice.I am a very laid back person, and I guess that can seem a bit like I don't care, but I am not sure I know how to be any other way. I didn't have many friends and I wasn't good in school. But, she says she is “tired of being everyone's rock,” but feels she has to be because she can’t count on anyone to get things done like she does.She was very good in school, had a lot of friends, and she was forced into an early adulthood because she had to take care of her father growing up. Any help in how I should handle this situation would be greatly appreciated.” Most of the time, a wife’s resentment will show up as something like “you don’t treat me special like you used to” …or “you don’t spend enough time with me” …or “we never have sex anymore” …and so on.