For more than 50 years, we have been a leading theme park and entertainment company delivering personal, interactive and educational experiences that blend imagination with nature and enable our guests to celebrate, connect with and care for the natural world we share. Sea Venture, The Grand Reef’s innovative experience, is an underwater walking tour where, while wearing a dive helmet, you’ll feel right at home under the sea.

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I took a week off work primarily to lay outside in their backyard with the adorable babypuppygirl Santana, but I decided the ideal running temperatures of Northwest summer and a change of scenery would be the perfect place to complete my nine mile run.

Mallory drove me to her workplace, Bastyr University, and I ran back to their house from there.

After a gatorade stop more than halfway through, we both had renewed energy and finished pretty strong!

7 miles – I ran this with Melissa as well, another loop of the park plus a mile back home, on an early Friday morning before work.

They have some great deals, especially for first time Core Fusion and yoga guests.

My friend Jackie and I often send each other links to comics or websites that we both find funny. Today, Jackie sent me one of the greatest things I have seen in awhile.

I love anything summery and in Manhattan, so of course this was perfect for me.

I ran this one with my other friend Melissa who is also training for a half. I love running races on city streets that are closed off to traffic and this had the same feeling.

I was nervous coming into this run because my right hip was killing me just a few days earlier.

After my eight mile run I took a Core Fusion class where we did pretzel glutes (imagine sitting on the floor with your legs like a pretzel) and I think the combination was a tough one for me.

It was only during the very last mile that my hip started acting up, and by then I was almost done. I had to wave these flags when I wanted to cross the street to avoid be casualty #63. I ran to Central Park and ran a full loop and then some. I thought I had nothing left in me, yet I had my fastes mile left!