I can't really stop you and I do not believe it is the best thing for my daughter but if you do have sex, be safe and use a condom. Wait for her to grow up then worry about a relationship with her. The most mature thing you could do is let her be a child. Our whole relationship (meaning friendship up until now) has been based upon the Lord. In her sophomore year, she came to me with advice about a guy that was giving her problems.

If you do get her pregnant, I expect you to do the right thing and marry her. I came to find out every intimate detail of her life in that month, and, in the months following, Christ worked through me to help her. At the point she entered my life for advice, she found herself nearing the point of suicide, and she cut herself for years prior.

19 year old guy dating a 16 year old-1

So, I decided to post my problem here, and hope someone might be able to point out any laws there may be against dating, and if there are none, at least offer advice. That said, if they don't want you seeing him, they CAN (and sounds like they WILL) make your life - AND HIS - extremely miserable.

For instance, having you slapped with a restraining order, for starters. Until he is of legal age to move out, support himself, and do as he pleases, they may as well be as gods to him.

It is a tricky situation, a hard decision and one that can cause arguments within the family.

When your teenage daughter has an interest in a boy who is older than her, it is easy to become concerned.

Many parents in this situation fear that their 16-year-old will become pregnant or that her heart will be broken by this young man.

These are all valid questions and make the situation difficult to handle.Parents must also deal with their daughter's often stubborn intention to date this young man.She may be so infatuated with him that she views anything that her parents say against the relationship as a personal attack.We did not begin to have sex, nor have we done so since then.Within the next month, God made it clear to me that this woman is made for me, she is my wife.Oh, btw, her dad is going to kill you when he finds out you are molesting our daughter.1. You can't judge someone based upon their age (1 Timothy ). Why can't y'all believe me when I say that I am going to marry her. Nearing the end of our last summer, God promised us we would be together until at least December.